Auto Lens Meter

SLM-5000 Features

  • Color 5.7inch LCD screen
  • Measurement of various lenses
  • Easy lens plate without operating the lever
  • Automatic judgment for a progressive lens
  • Convenient contact lens measurement
  • Cartridge-type marking pen
  • Printer is built in
  • HI INDEX LENS measurement
  • RS-232C setting function

Technical Specifications:

Measurement Range Sphere -25D~ 25D (0.01/0.12/0.25 step)
Cylinder 0~ ±10D(0.01/0.12/0.25 step)
Axis 0~ 180° (1°)
Addition 0~10D(0.01/0.12/0.25 step)
Prism 0~10Δ(0.01/0.12/0.25 step)
Measurement wavelength 650nm
Measurable lens Unprocessed lens(diameter:90mm), Frame lens, Single lens, multifocal lens, progressive lens
Hard contact lens, Soft contact lens
Power supply 100~ 240V 50/60Hz
Printer Thermal printer (paper width 58mm)
Monitor Color LCD monitor(5.7inches)
External Interface RS-232C
Dimension Dimension200(W)x260(D)x443(H)
Weight approx.5.2kg
Standard accessories Power cord, Contact lens stand, Rolls of printing paper, Printer shaft, Dust cover, Dust cloth.