EVA an innovative system for Vitreo Retinal and Cataract surgery that puts you, the surgeon, in absolute control. EVA Vacu Flow VTi (Valve Timing intelligence) is a revolutionary fluid control system that uses pistons and timed valves to control the transportation of fluids in either vacuum or flow modes. The system eliminates the risk of unwanted pulsation and delivers the precise flow or fast vacuum, as required by the surgeon.


Absolute control

  • EVA in Vacuum or Flow mode.
  • For Vitreo Retinal procedures, posterior hyaloid lifting.
  • Peripheral Vitrectomy / Vitrectomy near a mobile retina.
  • Active aspiration during a fluid – air exchange.
  • High Speed vitrectomy, 20 – 8000 cpm.
  • E(fficiency)-Phaco with triple step phaco needle.

Effortless to use

  • Intuitive interface minimizes human error and is multilingual.
  • Wireless footpedal.
  • Frontloaded cartridge.
  • Form and colour coded connectors.
  • Optional instrument tray adjustable (height and size) for right or left side of the machine.

Risk Management

  • LED Starendo illumination.
  • AIC -The Automatic Infusion Compensation ensures a stable intraocular pressure during vitreoretinal procedures.
  • Laser Optional integrated green 532 nm laser with wireless foot pedal. Compatible with a wide range of DORC laser probes.


  • EVA is modular serviceable, so risk of downtime is reduced.

Technical Specifications:

VacuFlowVTi technology  
Vacuum control 0 - 680 mmHg (@sea level)
Flow control 0-90 cc/min and 0 – 680 mmHg(@sea level)
Fastest rise time 300 msec(0 – 680 mmHg@0 cc/min 10-90%)
Single cartridge for anterior,posterior or combined procedures
1x irrigation, 2x aspiration ports
LEDstar illumination 
No toxic UV or IR wavelengths: no safety filters needed
3 independent output ports
Intensity up to 40 lm 0 – 100%
Color adjustment white to yellow in 20 gradients
Up to 10.000 hours life time
Graphical User Interface 
19 inch resistive touch screen (1280x1024)
Intuitive Graphical User Interface
Voice feedback
Integrated stylus holder
IR remote control
Languages English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Infusion System 
Gravity by integrated automatic IV pole 30 – 140 cm or 0 – 110 cm with extension
Vented Global Pressure Control 0 – 150 mmHg
Automatic Infusion Compensation (vitrectomy only)
Fluid tamponade
Ultra speed vitrectomy 20 – 8000 cpm
Optimized duty cycle
Single cut function
E(fficiency)-Phaco phaco pulse mode with 250 pps for phaco emulsification and fragmentation
40 kHz / 50 Watt
Stroke length of tip @ 100% 100 µm
Needle detection & auto tuning
Power supply 100-240V
Power consumtion 600VA
Input pressure 4 to 10bars
Weight 142KG