Corneal Cross Linking Equipment

An Equipment for Corneal Cross Linking


  • Real time optical light feedback
  • Excellent light homogeneity & linearity
  • Adjustable power and dose
  • Self-test before each process
  • Precise working distance alignment
  • Automated I/Vpole interface
  • Computer control
  • Integrated camera to capture image
  • Remote connection
  • XYZ control

Technical Specifications:

Center Wavelength 365nm +/- 10nm
UV Power Output 2mW/cm2to 18mW/cm2
Energy Density5.4 J / cm2 (adjustable)
Beam Diameter 7 mm/ 8 mm / 9 mm
Operating Voltage 100-240 V
Working Distance 50 mm above the patient
Working Distance Alignment 200 micron precise
Timer 1-60 minutes adjustable
Stability of UV Power<2%
UV Light Homogeneity <5%

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