Sterilize your micro instruments and Phaco handpiecesbetween patients in only 15 minutes and protect themfrom heat and corrosion.

The STATIM ® 5000S cassette autoclave is the sterilizer of choicefor ophthalmologists worldwide because it is the most gentle and fastest sterilizing process available today. STATIM will enable youto treat every patient with a complete sterile tray freshly sterilizedat the Point of Care inside the theatre.

With a complete sterilization cycle of only 15 minutes, STATIM willoptimize operating theatre and clinical time management, improveefficiency and reduce turnover time for all ophthalmologyoperations and procedures including refractive and cataractsurgery.


Reduce Costs

You could also reduce your investment in Phaco handpieces andmicro instruments due to the faster sterilizing turnover time. The gentle action of the STATIM - unique among sterilizers - willcause virtually no corrosion or heat damage to your valuablehandpieces and instruments. It's a new formula! Speed equalsmoney saved and increases the number of daily surgicalprocedures, without any additional investment in instruments.The hourly throughput of instruments of the STATIM 5000S isgreater than that of conventional benchtop autoclaves because ofits rapid cycle speed and five liter capacity.

Filling the gap between theatre and CSSD

The STATIM can be used inside the operating theatre during the procedureas it generates little heat, virtually no noise and offers the followingadvantages:

  • Inside the operating theatre, sterilization ensures expertise and knowledgein handling instruments used for eye surgery
  • Less risk of damaging delicate micro instruments and the Phaco handpieces due to corrosion and heat damage
  • Saves purchasing additional instruments due to the fast turnaround ofsterile instruments
  • Saves time as the instruments can be safely and effectively sterilizedinside the operating theatre
  • Statim is small enough to fit onto a theatre trolley, does not needinstallation and requires only a wall socket to operate.

Statim also validates its own successful cycle

A computerized microprocessor aborts the cycle if any of the parameters oftemperature, pressure or time are not achieved. You can be certain that by followingthe simple keypad instructions the fully automatic operation will result in sterilizationof all your solid, hollow, wrapped or unwrapped instruments

A specially designed Statim Helix Test Device is available to enable daily routine monitoring in the eye unit or doctors consulting room.

Compare the results

The STATIM 2000S & 5000S cassette autoclave delivers dramatic improvements in process efficiency through shorter cycle times.

Total Cycle time w/o drying Solid Unwrapped Hollow Unwrapped Hollow Unwrapped Hollow Unwrapped Hollow Unwrapped Ruber/Plastic Ruber/Plastic
Sterilisation time / temp 121°C 3.5 min./ 134°C 3.5 min./ 134°C 18 min./ 134°C 3.5 min./ 134°C 18 min./ 134°C 15 min./ 121°C 30 min./ 121°C
STATIM 2000S 6:45 8:05 22:35 10:40 25:10 18:40 33:40
STATIM 5000S 8:45 10:50 25:20 15:30 30:00 20:20 35:20

The STATIM difference

Attractive, compact, reliable and gentle

The Statim S-Cycle Cassette Sterilizer is small enough to fit onto a theatre trolley inside the operating theatre. It generates little heat and virtually no noise. The STATIM provides cycles for both wrapped & unwrapped solid and hollowinstruments.

Statim's steam injector system provides temperature consistency and expels the air that causes oxidation in conventionalautoclaves. The STATIM sterilizer will only operate if clean, good quality, steam processed, distilled water is used and it usesclean water every cycle, preventing the formation of rust and the build-up of bio contaminants. If the incorrect water isused, the STATIM will not switch on and will display a warning. Independent research*3 shows that there are no detectableendotoxins in the water reservoir of the STATIM. This further helps to reduce any potential problem with Diffuse LamellarKeratitis (DLK).

In addition a 0.3µm biological filter ensures that the air entering STATIM 's chamber for drying is biologically clean. A compressor switches on immediately after the successful completion of any sterilizing cycles, thereby reducing humiditywithin the chamber with biologically clean dry air.

Light, thin-walled STATIM cassettes promote rapid heating and cooling, further minimizing overall processing time andreducing instrument exposure to heat.

Ultra-thin walled cassettes allow for
rapid heating and cooling

Precision inlet/outlet system for quick, thorough steam injection and air purging

Schematic of forced air removal design with combined purging

Very simple operation. Just select the cycle and press start. That's all there is to it.!

Accurate record keeping and tracking is provided by the STATIM 5000S integral printer or an optional external printer for STATIM 2000S

A microbiological filter prevents all bacteria and spores larger than 0.3 µm from entering the chamber (cassette) during the drying cycle