Bio-Blue 90 Plus

Acid Blue 90 (0.25mg) Polyethylene Glycol & Sterile Isotonic Liquid


BIO-BLUE 90 PLUS is a sterile, pyrogen free, isotonic and ready to use solution of Acid Blue 90. It is supplied in a disposable pre-filled 0.5 ml BD luer-lock glass syringe with cannula. The syringe comes in medical grade blister packaging to ensure safety and protection. A sterile single use 27G CE marked cannula is provided with each syringe.


BIO-BLUE 90 PLUS has good selectivity and intensity which results in better visualisation of ILM and facilitates its peeling. Before injecting BIO-BLUE 90 PLUS the vitreous chamber should be completely filled with suitable ophthalmic irrigation solution. The Polyethylene Glycol of BIO-BLUE 90 PLUS prevents diffusion of this stain into other parts and due to its viscosity it helps in controlled injection.


  • Stains ILM effectively. This helps in demarcation of the ILM from underlying retina and facilitates easy ILM peeling.
  • With PEG, BIO-BLUE 90 PLUS can be injected in a BSS filled eye. It travels as a cohesive ball to the fundus of the eye without diffusion and stains the desired tissue selectively.
  • Purity :> 95 % for minimum toxicity.


  • Supplied in 0.5 ml PFS. BD Glass Syringe

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