Bio-Blue DUO

Trypan Blue (0.15% W/V), PEG & Acid Blue (Brilliant Blue G) content (0.025% W/V)


BIO-BLUE DUO is a sterile, pyrogen free, isotonic and ready to use solution of Trypan Blue and Acid Blue. It Is supplied in a pre-filled syringe with cannula. The syringe comes in medical grade blister packaging to ensure safety and protection. A sterile single use 27G CE marked cannula is provided with each syringe.


BIO-BLUE DUO is a single injection designed for staining both the membranes, ILM as well as ERM and PVR membrane, without compromising the staining effect. It is injected in the vitreous cavity to clearly differentiate between the stained and unstained part of membranes and helps in easy removal of selected membrane.The combination with PEG 4% is found as stable dye and can also be injected in the eyes filled with BSS. Also it penetrates deep and stains only the targeted membrane or tissue.


  • Stains ILM, ERM as well as PVR membranes effectively.
  • With PEG, BIO-BLUE DUO can be injected in a BSS filled eye. It travels as a cohesive ball to the fundus of the eye without diffusion and stains the desired tissue selectively.
  • Purity : > 95 % for minimum toxicity.


  • Supplied in 0.5 ml PFS. BD Glass Syringe

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