Bio Decalin™

Sterile Liquid 5.0 ml


Bio Decalin is sterile, non-pyrogenic ultra purified 100% fluorinated Perfluorodecalin liquid as an aid for retinal surgery. It is chemically inert and non-toxic in nature.


Intra-operative device for retinal surgery. It is used in the surgical management of:

  • Retinal Detachment with giant tears
  • Retinal Detachment with Proliferative VitreoRetinopathy (PVR) including Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retrieval of luxated natural or artificial lens in the vitreous.


  • Fewer bubbles during surgery because boiling point is 142°C
  • Effective as tamponade with silicone oil in complicated cases


  • Bio Decalin is supplied in a glass vial as well as prefilled syringe delivering 5.0 ml of sterile Perfluorodecalin liquid. The product is packed in medical grade blister packaging and finally supplied along with Information for use.

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