Quality Policy

All Biotech products are manufactured to the highest quality.

We follow some fundamental guidelines for Quality Assurance and control:

  • To surpass customer expectations
  • To be the exclusive supplier preference in our product category
  • To streamline and synchronize our Product Manufacturing with our Marketing Directives
  • To pay due attention to our customers needs, remarks and observations
  • To nurture transparent relations with our distributors and suppliers, and to engage with them in a real partnership
  • To recognize work well done
  • To continually enhance and upgrade our Quality System and satisfy the requirements of the ISO 13485 and MDD 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC
  • To invest necessary resources in personnel and training, and to employ adequate equipments to enhance our competence levels and our performance
  • To ensure that our field of operations allows absolutely no errors
  • To respect all our collaborators, employees, shareholders, financial institutions and their contributions
  • To engage ourselves in smooth interactions so that our Fundamental Quality Policies are shared equally at all levels of our organization