In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities, Biotech has high quality support infrastructure to ensure compliance with prevalent quality norms, and deliver a range of manufacturing services for the ophthalmic, orthopaedic, dermatologic and urologic disciplines.

Our key services include:

Contract Manufacturing

Biotech utilizes project-specific protocols to ensure that all formulations meet or surpass the client's expectations. Biotech offers its clients a full line of quality analytical and microbiological testing services to complement any project. We manufacture small volume parenterals in pre-filled syringes and vials, and provide analytic testing. Biotech is specialised in filling and packaging of injectables for pre-filled syringes and vials. We have developed the appropriate know-how to satisfy our clients needs.

Flexibility and versatility enable Biotech to offer our clients all or any specific service related to the manufacturing of drugs.

We customise our services taking into accounts our client's needs. Our filling machines obtained from one of the leading machinery supplier in pharmaceutical industry. All quality requirements comply with European Guidelines, and ISO Standards.

A specific purified water system and clean steam exclusively dedicated to the autoclave.

Syringe Filling

Biotech operates syringe fill lines, offering filling and stoppering methods. Providing attentive, flexible service to clients in commercial scale development. Biotech considers specified project variables such as product characteristics, lot size, and fill volume, in determining which fill line and method is most appropriate for your product.

Filling Specifications

  • 0.5mL to 20mL syringe size
  • 0.5mL to 20mL syringe size
  • 50,000 units per day
  • Traditional filling
  • Stoppering options

Viscous Filling

Biotech has developed an expertise in viscous fluid filling. Our knowledge and experience in viscous filling enable us to solve your most challenging filling requirements. Biotech's state-of-the-art syringe filler is designed to handle viscous liquids. Biotech works with you to solve your filling needs, offering solutions that will enable cost effective filling and formulation of viscous products, and specialty filling. Biotech's engineers have experience in the design of filling and formulation processes to meet your needs.

Other Utilities

All our services include

  • Utilities with 100% power back up
  • Large warehouse with a multi-tier stacking system
  • Finishing block (secondary packaging facilities)